A Clever Take on Flavored Vodka

Clearwater Vodka comes in three flavors - Clearwater Air, Clearwater Fire and Clearwater Ice. All of our products are distilled with our secret, smooth vodka recipe and are distilled, bottled and shipped from Dallas, Texas. All of our products are 100% Gluten-Free. 

Clearwater Vodka made it's debut in 2017, offering a unique and smooth take on flavored vodkas. With our low sugar intake and our smooth recipe, our vodkas are great to make a cocktail and are easy to shoot, making your next morning less shaky.



Produced from corn and distilled six times to achieve a velvety texture, Clearwater Air is a premium American-made gluten-free vodka. Experience the clean, smooth finish with less alcohol burn.



A fiery complement to its cooler counterpart, Clearwater Fire incorporates natural cinnamon flavors into Clearwater Air’s gluten-free base for a radiating taste with a touch of sweetness.



Using Clearwater Air’s premium gluten-free base blended with natural mint flavors for a fresh, invigorating finish, Clearwater Ice is an exciting new way to enjoy the world’s most popular spirit.