After getting tired of sweet, syrupy shots and terrible hangovers, our team set out to develop the perfect product that not only tasted better, but was a healthier alternative. Although there are several existing products that satisfy the demand for a flavored alcohol that can be consumed without mixing, most leave an un-welcome taste or dry burn and contain large amounts of sugar, exceeding the recommended daily sugar intake for men and women over the age of 21, respectively.

Clearwater Vodka is the solution to all of these problems. Our Fire and Ice vodkas have a refreshing quality that leave the consumer feeling as if they have just chewed a piece of cinnamon or mint flavored gum. Unlike other flavored vodkas on the market, Clearwater Vodka’s superior formula helps suppress the burn of the alcohol. Some of our competitors’ flavors are certainly tolerable, but clear and dark liquors do not always mix well. Additionally, many of our competitors’ products contain a large amount of sugar, which often exacerbates the next day’s hangover. For these reasons, creating and delivering a clear, gluten-free spirit to the market is very important to our brand.


“If you plan to have more than a cocktail or two, limit yourself to clear liquor like vodka and gin. Consuming large amounts of darker pours like whiskey and brandy can increase the severity of hangovers. Here’s why: dark drinks have higher concentrations of congeners, toxic compounds formed when alcohol is fermented. One study in the journal Alcohol-ism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that bourbon drinkers experienced significantly worse hangovers than those who reached the same blood alcohol level consuming vodka (bourbon has 37 times as many congeners as vodka does).”

- (Dr.Oz)